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Humblewood Tales is a 5th Edition supplement book for the lush world of Humblewood.

Featuring five new adventures and packed with expanded lore from the mystical tree city of Alderheart, Humblewood Tales is loaded with over 200 pages of adventures, premade characters, bestiary, magic items, subclasses and more.

What tales do you intend to tell?

Product Contents:

  • Five new Humblewood adventures for levels 3 to 8
  • Alderheart's Traveler's Guide, as penned by the merchant Jonal (accompanied by her trusty gargath Bello)
  • Shoppes and Stores, colorful shops and shopkeepers for your games
  • Lots of new magic items
  • Join the ranks of the Tenders of the Scorched Grove, or choose to subvert their teachings

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