Epic Legacy: Core Rulebook (PDF)

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The Epic Legacy Core Rulebook is a 5th Edition supplement which adds a powerful and tested Epic tier to the established levels of play, advancing the Character progression from levels 21 to 30. The Epic Legacy system provides all the tools Players and Dungeon Masters will need to bring your most epic games to life.

To play a game of Epic Legacy you will need all the essential skills of 5th Edition as well as a willingness to add a significant amount of content to your repertoire. With this system you will roleplay, battle, scheme, adventure, and experiment in an epic capacity built upon the rock-solid foundation that is 5th Edition. To seamlessly blend these two game elements, you must accept a world without limits. Your game--whether you're a DM or a player--will change in new and unexpected ways, and it is best to embrace this novelty with wholehearted enthusiasm.

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