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Dead is Better!

Meet Vitus… a young doctor whose obsession with causes of death eventually drew him to serve Death itself. 

Vitus’ main motivation is to share the sweet mystery of death with the living. He sees death as a doorway to truth. The undead do not lie because they have nothing left to lose. They are uninhibited and free. Vitus believes Death itself chose him as a disciple to recruit creatures to form an undead army to vanquish all life. 

Will you resist Vitus’ swarm of cadavers, or will your party face “grave” consequences?

Writing/Concept: Kendra Menard
Cover Art: Matt DeMino
Interiors: Vanessa Wei
Published: May 2022
What is the Big Bad Booklet?
The Big Bad Booklet is a fully illustrated 5e booklet featuring a new boss monster that includes details about the boss's back story, personality, and tactics. New Booklets are released monthly to our Patreon supporters.

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