The Griffon's Saddlebag: Vol. 7

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The Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag continue to bring you the next 65 illustrated item cards and wrap up the Saddlebag’s first year of magic items. These flavorful and game-ready weapons, armor, and more are a perfect addition to any fifth-edition party’s adventures.
Items include:

• Catnip Amulet
• Fanfare Ammunition
• Profane Mask
• Tote of Tricky Treat Sugarbombs


• Abjurer’s Gilder
• Bag of Sundrops
• Bug Smashers
• Charlatan’s Wardrobe
• Clockwork Faefly
• Discordant Thunderstave
• Doodle Ring
• Everice Box
• Festerwood Buckler
• Fortune’s Fivepence
• Hat Trick
• Healing Arrow
• Ice Sickle
• Mockingblade
• Rocborne Robe
• Shadow Ink
• Silver Lycan Chime
• Sundersludge Net
• Talyard the Great’s Wand of Power
• Tether Tearer
• Tome of Dreams


• Blizzard Sphere
• Clockwork Healerbee
• Death Knell
• Eldritch Scarf
• Essence of Rage
• Fife of Dragonsong
• Fire Fire!
• Force Gauntlet
• Galvanic Steelsnare
• Jotun’s Jodhpurs
• Periapt of Reflection
• Potion of Spell Recovery
• Ring of Eldritch Ire
• Rocborne Rod
• Staff of the Reverent Warrior
• Stormstruck Staff
• Timeshifter’s Mantle
• Torrent Taiaha
• Wand of Whispers
• Wavebender’s Leiomano
• Zafu of the Wandering Mind

Very Rare

• Celestial Circlet
• Ceratopper
• Dark Fathom Armor
• Festerwood Masher
• Give and Take
• Nightstalker’s Kanabo
• Omenbringer’s Mantle
• Rocborne Hand Ballista
• Septum Ring of the Great Minotaur
• The Rose Basket


• Chillspike
• Festerwood’s Light
• Red Claw’s Regalia
• Starmetal Solar Axe
• Spike Seed


• Galea of the Soulfire Phoenix
• Ionbreaker, the Tempest’s Reach
• Precipit, the Formless
• The Griffon’s Saddlebag


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