The Griffon's Saddlebag: Vol. 6

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The Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag present the next 50 illustrated magic items from the Saddlebag’s collection. These magic items have been carefully balanced for fifth edition to fit seamlessly into your favorite campaigns and provide exciting new rewards for your unique characters.
Items included:

• Orator’s Quill
• Quicksilver Clay
• Webgrip Rucksack


• Barricade Shield
• Baton of Many Sizes
• Cactus Mace
• Couatl Herald’s Guard
• Couatl Herald’s Mantle
• Devil’s Detail Eyepatch
• Galepierce Weapons
• Mask of the Pact Breaker
• Tethervice Quiver
• Thwackstaff
• Toadstone
• Venombane Armor
• Void Arrow
• Weapon of Spite


• Basilisk Dagger
• Fire Wand of the Unbroken Circle
• Runic Ammunition
• Sandstorm Dancer
• Signet Rings of the Fey Court
• Spiderbite Daggers
• Staff of the Mustang
• Vancian Helm
• Warmind Wand

Very Rare

• Astral Bracelet
• Architect’s Disdain
• Blood Pact Pendants
• Couatl Herald’s Fang
• Couatl Herald’s Lash
• Couatl Herald’s Radiance
• Couatl Herald’s Reach
• Couatl Herald’s Scales
• Crosier of Divine Power
• Crown of Deep Winter
• Fragment of Elder Starlight
• Grass Whistle Blade
• Mirrorlight Piercer
• Quagmire Maul
• Shaedenstaff
• Snuff
• Splitter
• Timepiercer
• Wildman’s Spinning Cleaver
• Winter’s Embrace


• Bloodscryer Oculus
• Lightning Pylons
• Sword of the Spelldrinker
• Visage of Delight and Disaster

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