The Griffon's Saddlebag: Vol. 5

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The Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag bring you the fifth volume of cards from the Saddlebag’s growing collection of magic items that are tailored to fit your 5e campaigns. These game-ready and fun magic items are the perfect supplement to flesh out your characters’ adventures.

• Gravity Goblet
• Permanent Parchment
• Shapeshifter’s Circlet
• Weapon of Showmanship


• Axe Beak Tomahawk
• Battlement Bow
• Clockwork Inkbeetle
• Coil Crook
• Doomsday Cookie
• Festerwood Logger
• Fireweaver Gloves
• Funeral Marchers
• Ironleaf Oaken Shield
• Locksmith’s Bane
• Prismatic Javelin
• Ring of the Sandskimmer
• Scholar’s Cap
• Sea Serpent Hairpin
• Trident of the Dryad


• Belt of the Raid Leader
• Dragonkin Weapons
• Dragon Turtle Shield
• Ferryman’s Take
• Festerwood Vizard
• Gibberbox
• Killskull Longbow of Dread
• Scholar’s Cap
• Shadowshawl
• Sharkrazor Mantle
• Sheer Cold
• Staff of the Magpie
• Starmetal Striker
• Storm Sickle
• Knight’s Standard of Vigor
• Master Machinist’s Marvelous Mallet
• Retaliating Bloom Shield
• Voltedge
• Weapon of Mooring

Very Rare

• Battlechef’s Splendid Saucepan
• Bloodmage Dagger
• Boots of Dendallen
• Grip of Dendallen
• Hellfire Pitchfork
• Infernal Aegis
• Mask of Dendallen
• Null Chalk
• Scholar’s Cap
• Stalaga Spear
• Tempest Griffon Feather Cape


• Mastery Gem
• Pike of the Forgotten Legion
• Seed of Rebirth

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