Humblewood: Descent into the Dark v0.5 (PDF)

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Descent into the Dark is an adventure for four characters of 6th to 8th level that explores the almost lifeless hollows of Alderheart’s Underfall.

The story centers around the story of three friends—Gurt, Sage, and Lendarick—and how one’s martyrdom can lead to ruin.

V0.5 notes: more art incoming!

Writing and Game Design: Holly Conrad

Additional Writing: Andrea Bruce

Editing: Andrea Bruce, Jordan Richer, TR Rowe, Ricardo Evangelho

Art Director: Leesha Hannigan

Graphic Designer: Rajaa Al-Subairi

Front Cover Illustrator: Derek Murphy

Cartographer: Hugo Solis

Interior Illustrators: Christina Kraus, Derek Murphy, Frank Wade, Ilse Gort, Irina Nordsol, Julia Metzger, Xander Brown, Holly Conrad

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