Heckna! Shuffled Stories Deck (PREORDER)

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Want help setting up a story for your Heckna! game? Introducing the Shuffled Stories Engine!

The Shuffled Stories Engine helps GM's of all experience levels build out a full-blown Heckna! campaign using a standard deck of playing cards. The cards are split up into smaller 'area' decks based on their values, representing the three main areas of Heckna's world. Each card is tied to an encounter, and cards are drawn from each area deck and arranged into the campaign frame of your terrifying tale!

Low on time? The SSE can help you build a one-shot just as easily. Want to bring the feeling of a rollercoaster to your game? In the McNally's Mischief variant, the players and GM play a variation of poker at the start of each session to determine what encounter comes next—pure chaos!

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