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Heckna! is a 5e adventure story designed to take characters through levels 1 to 10. Game Masters and players alike will delight in this whimsical, dark carnival setting.

The Heckna! Campaign Book Early Access PDF contains over 200 pages of goofy and gruesome horror, setting details, shuffled stories component & a bestiary.

The final PDF will also include printable cards (all decks), maps, standees, and other reference materials, and will be sent to Early Access purchasers when ready!


  • Writing: Yubi Coates, Verity Lane, Dominik Parisien, Jordan Richer, T.R.Rowe, Ashley Warren
  • Editing: Misty Bourne, Verity Lane, T.R.Rowe, Jay Jackson, Dominik Parisien, Serena Langton, Zoë Weiss
  • Game Design: Ashley Warren, Ryan Servis, Jordan Richer, Christopher Pinch
  • Project Management: Jordan Richer, T.R.Rowe
  • Concept: Ricardo Evangelho, Jordan Richer, Andrea Bruce
  • Art Direction: Ricardo Evangelho