October 2022 Fan Art

We have even more incredible pieces inspired by Humblewood! Want to see your art shared in a post like this one? Submit here!

Jason (@jasonalees)

my wife sculpted Araceli the Lumas sorcerer, who is my daughter's character!

Ottersey (@Ottersey)

This is a Cervan Ranger I drew for a friend running a Humblewood campaign for their partner and two children. He's fairly young with nubbins for antlers, and loves to forage!

Yuli (@bubblepaints)

I wanted to branch out from my usual type (spellcaster) and try out a more melee based class (paladin). The solution? A little mouse guy with a giant sword.


So after a really fun one shot/side story in my Humblewood campaign, @pennpenguinshy commissioned me to draw this for the track he made inspired of it. He requested something Cowboy Bebop inspired, and to this day I'm proud of this image.

Have you been creating fan content for Humblewood? Be sure to share it with us by submitting it here and @HitPointPress onTwitter,Instagram,Facebook,Discord or Reddit!Huge thanks to this week's artists for letting us share their work!

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