July Fan Art

Hit Point Press - 2022 Jul 15th

        Our team gets to see all the amazing art that fans create and in light of the newly launched Humblewood Tales Kickstarter, we've decided to share some Humblewood fanart with all of you!  

          Christine Ridgway (@SkidarStudios)

          SkidarStudios Birdfolk

          Check out more of Christine's art on their Twitter!

          Hedge Knight (@_HedgeKnight)

          HedgeKnight's Mighty Menagerie

          Check out more of Hedge Knight's art on his Twitter!

          Will Marconi (@Willmarconi)

          Will Marconi's Plague Doctor Anteater

          Check out more of Will's art!

          Jack Zen

          Corvum BlueJay

          Check out more of Jack's minis!


          Check out Marlynna's other crafts here!

      Have you been creating fan content for Humblewood? Be sure to share it with us (@HitPointPress) on TwitterInstagramFacebookDiscord or Reddit!

      Huge thanks to this week's artists for letting us share their work!